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Sharon & Svend Nielsen

Sharon is English and came to Denmark in 1986. Sharon is an IT professional. Graduated from Winchester University, England.

Svend is Danish and is an IT professional but has the last 25+ years worked within various management positions. Svend has an MBA from AVT Business School, Denmark.​
Trysil, Norway 
We bought the apartment in 2010. From the beginning we knew we should buy something extraordinary, and it had to have easy access from Denmark, be close to Oslo and have fantastic views and skiing.
Trysil is fantastic, skiing conditions are close to perfect even though the weather can challenge you a bit. Trysil is built for all ages.
Over the past year or two, Trysil has developed to be a great mountain bike area with challenges for all ages.

Roskilde, Denmark
We built the house in 2008. From the beginning we knew we should build something extraordinary based on the area next to Roskilde fjord and the unique location.
We had an architect to design the house. Our idea was that the house should be unique, built with the best materials and utilities, and take advantage of the location.